February 8, 2016

Interior Design Business Names

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Interior Design Business NamesInterior Design Business Names: Introduction

When planning to start up a business inclined in interior designing, one of the most difficult tasks for every entrepreneur  is choosing the best interior design business names. It may take some time for a business owner to generate that special name for its interior design company. This article can aid individuals in creating interior design business names.

Interior Design Business Names: Brainstorm Ideas

In order to come up with a wonderful interior design business name, an individual should think of bright ideas. Jot down as much as possible so that it will be remembered. There are many words that can be associated with interior designing. It depends on the owner what he will use. Entrepreneurs may opt for cute, trendy and attention-catching words or term that can be a great fit for the business.

Interior Design Business Names: Think of the Consumers

Names play an important part in the success of the company. It should always be appealing to the customers. Business owners should put in mind that some personal favorites may not be a good choice for what is appealing to the owner may not be interesting to the consumers.

Interior Design Business Names: Categorize Names

There are numerous ways on how to classify interior design business names. Below is a list that a business owner can consider.

a. Personal names

  • Individuals may opt to use their surname or first name as a part of the business name,especially if they are well known in the state. This may work out locally, yet it may be a disadvantage when the person is not known beyond the locality. The use of personal names nowadays works well when associated with a descriptive word. The business name “Jone’s” may not convey to the customer what the business is all about. “Jone’s Interior Design” is a better choice rather than without the description.

b. Abbreviations and Acronyms

  • One way to effectively shorten lengthy interior design business names is to use abbreviations or acronyms. This will make the customers remember the company and it will easily sink into their minds.

c. Place names

  • There are some business owners who want to name their company after the place where it is located. They may use “Chicago Interior” as their interior design business name if they are living in Chicago. However, just like the usage of the personal names, it may only work well locally rather than internationally, particularly when the namesake is not internationally popular.

d. Coinages

  • It is a trend nowadays to use business names from coined words. It may easily communicate to the consumers what kind of services the business provides. “InterioDesign” is an example of a two-word name written as a single word which straightforwardly tells that the business is all about interior designing.

Interior design business names set the mood of the company and it is very important when marketing the business. That is why it should be properly constructed and can catch the attention of the customers at first glance.

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